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European Payment Index


Report about payment behavior and risks in Europe

Each year we carry out a written survey in more than 31 European countries involving several thousand companies. The results of the survey are published in the European Payment Index Report and the country reports, which are drafted in the respective national language and contain more in depth details.

The yearly interval is intended to capture and compare international trends and provide companies with a reliable basis for decision making and effective benchmarks.

The European Payment Index 2014 is the 10th edition, the first report was issued in 1998 in cooperation with a workgroup of the European Commission, although with a limited amount of European countries. In 2004 the first report with the majority of European countries was published.

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Unemployment fuelled by late payment

A stunning 55 per cent of all 10,000 European companies taking part in EPI 2014, say they are suffering as a result of late or non payment of bills and invoices. More about the overall findings in the news release about the EPI 2014 report:

European Payment Index 2014


Bills paid in 30 days...Max!

The 30max campaign aims to urge public administrations to respect the terms of the revised EU Late Payment Directive and pay bills to businesses within 30 days. The campaign is run by Eurochambers supported by Intrum Justitia.
Bills paid in 30 days...Max!


EPI 2014 Payment Index

The European Payment Index survey took place during January and March 2014 in 31 European countries. Are you interested in receiving and compare the national and international trends of payment behaviors in Europe?

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Market based intelligence

Key to developing a successful international credit strategy is being able to access reliable and up to date market intelligence information.

Intrum Justitia has built what we believe is an unmatched global yet local database that serves the needs of any international credit management professional.

Driven by the needs of our clients selling products and services all around the world, we have developed an export accounts receivable handling solution that helps bring sustained business success and peace of mind in doing business beyond home markets.

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EPI 2014 Industry White Paper

Are you interested to compare your company with other European companies in your industry? Send you contact details in an email and you receive the report by return.

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