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European Payment Report

Intrum Justitia European Payment Report

Report about payment behavior and risks in Europe

The European Payment Report 2015 is based on a survey that was conducted simultaneously in 29 European countries between February and April 2015. In this report we gathered data from thousands of companies across Europe to gain insight into the payment behavior and financial health of European businesses.

Through this comprehensive survey among European companies, we generate awareness and debate among politicians and the media, for example, how late or non-payments impact the economies of the EU. We participate in seminars and meetings in Brussels to inform EU delegates of the situation and the best approaches in working for a sound economy and secure payments in Europe.

In 2015, we will distribute more than 8,000 reports containing data based on the survey.

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To work for a sound economy

The most efficient contribution Intrum Justitia can make towards a sustainable world is by promoting sound finances for companies, individuals and society in general. In our mission to act as a catalyst for a sound economy, we maximize our contribution to a sustainable society through our expert knowledge in our day-to-day dealings with companies and consumers.

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Late Payment directive

Many payments in commercial transactions between businesses or between businesses and public authorities are made much later than agreed. This is very costly for businesses. The EU's Late Payment Directive 2011/7/ rights to prompt payment. The directive recommends that paymentperiods for companies be at most 60 days and for public authorities 30 days.

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Faster payments would increase jobs in Europe

The press relese from 25th of May 2015 announced that "Every third company in Europe would be able to hire more employees if they got paid faster. 32 percent answered yes to the question "Would you hire more if you got the invoices paid faster?" This corresponds to 8 million businesses in the countries surveyed."

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Market based intelligence

Key to developing a successful international credit strategy is being able to access reliable and up to date market intelligence information. Intrum Justitia has built what we believe is an unmatched global yet local database that serves the needs of any international credit management professional.

Driven by the needs of our clients selling products and services all around the world, we have developed an export accounts receivable handling solution that helps bring sustained business success.

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