Get to know our past and present trainees

Meet our trainees and learn what they have to say about their time spent as a Next Generation Program trainee!

Intrum’s graduate program provides a challenging and rewarding experience where young talented individuals get to spend 12 months in an evolving international business. Hear what it's like first-hand from the trainees themselves. 

Meet Trainee Franziska Haffer

"I think that the Next Generation Program is a very good way to start your career as it challenges you to grow constantly professionally as well as personally. This gives you this steep learning curve that you're looking for at the beginning of your career that you will benefit from going forward."

"I also like working for a company that puts its people first and invests in the wellbeing and development of its employees."

Meet Trainee Hilde Karin Grasdal

"Intrum is a large company that operates in 20 European countries. Career-wise the possibilities are close to endless. For us in the Next Generation Program, the possibilities might be a bit more obvious because we get to do a 3-month work exchange in a different market. I, for example, am going to Spain. The possibilities are there for everyone at the company, it's just a matter of grabbing them!" 

Meet Márk Nyerges, Graduate 2018/2019

"I work with very talented and open minded people. Intrum is a rapidly growing company where I can challenge myself" says Márk Nyerges, Management graduate in the Next Generation Program in Hungary. 

I cannot imagine a better way to start the career. You will develop on a personal and professional level. In addition, you will learn to understand the international perspective of Intrum, which helps you at country level as well
Iiro Alikärri, Next Generation Graduate in Finland 2019/2020

Meet Maria Wathne, Graduate 2018/2019

"The most rewarding part for me during the year has been getting to know all my fellow trainees and growing as a group, as well as getting the very broad perspective of Intrum" says Maria Wathne, Management graduate in the Next Generation Program in Norway.

The next generation program has been a good starting point for my work career. The program gives really good networking opportunities both locally and globally and helps understanding the Intrum’s business model from a global perspective.
Jonna Laine, Next Generation Graduate in Finland 2020/2021

Meet Olli Hildén, Graduate

"The best memories from the trainee programme year were from the mentoring sessions I had with my mentor. She had different monitoring tools we used to map the future possibilities at Intrum and they also helped me to get some perspective for the  different career development possibilities within Intrum."

"Also, I have to say that the overall reception at Intrum, and especially Intrum Finland, was phenomenal and it really provided a good possibility to start developing my career over here."

Meet Iiro Alikärri, Graduate

"My favourite memory from the NGP year is probably the introduction week in Stockholm. We got to meet fellow trainees from other countries and we had some really fun times outside of office hours as well. That laid a good foundation for our upcoming training year."

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