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Intrum in brief

We offer a complete range of services covering our clients' entire credit management chain. We help companies to manage payments, accounts receivable, and to improve their cash flows.

Our service offering

Intrum offers a complete range of services covering our clients’ entire credit management chain – from credit optimization, factoring and payment services to collection services and overdue receivables. Through credit optimization, we help our clients assess their potential customers’ payment capacity. Following the transaction, our payment services come into use, with billing and accounts receivable.

Where invoices are past due, we offer our debt-collection services to ensure that full payment is received for the product or service. We are one of a small number of companies in Europe that successfully combine the management of our clients’ on-going credit matters with the purchasing of receivables that have matured without payment.

Through factoring, our clients can sell their invoices to us and secure most of the payment up front. With our service for e-trade companies, our clients are paid directly, while we offer consumers monthly invoices or accounts for payment by installments. We can also acquire our client’s overdue receivables for a portion of the value and pursue collection activities ourselves.

Client of all sizes

Intrum’s clients operate primarily within fields including telecom, energy, banking and retail – helping clients with large volumes of consumer receivables is our specialty. But we also work with tens of thousands of small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on their operations rather than on payment management. We have nearly 75,000 clients in 21 countries. The 30 largest clients account for about 15 percent of Intrum’s revenues, although no individual client accounts for more than 2 percent.

Founded in 1923

Intrum is one of Europe’s leading credit management companies with operations in credit management and financial services that build on strong collection operations. Intrum (Intrum Justitia) was founded in 1923 and has since the combine with Lindorff June 2017 some 8,000 employees and business operations in 23 countries. In addition, we partner with representatives in approximately 160 countries to serve clients with operations both within Europe and beyond.

Boosting Your Business

To summarize how we help companies and their customers conduct better business, Intrum employs the concept “Boosting your business”. When credit assessments and payment flows function as they should, companies are paid. This allows companies to be more profitable, to develop, grow and recruit more employees. At the same time, we are helping people become debt-free and to achieve sound private finances. Intrum’s mission is to act as a catalyst for a sound economy. Helping companies and private individuals in this way is how we contribute to vitality among businesses and in society.