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Mission & Strategy

We help companies prosper by caring for their customers

Intrum's business conceptt

Intrum is one of Europe’s leading credit management companies and our business concept is to offer clients credit management and financial services that build on strong collection operations. Our clients are companies and agencies that benefit from a concept in which our presence throughout Europe is combined with local expertise. Through our services, we help generate conditions for improved sales, profitability and cash flow, while reducing our clients’ financial risk. At the same time we help people to get out of financial difficulties.

Our purpose

We help companies prosper by caring for their customers. We facilitate business and help to create a healthy economy by providing services that make business easy, secure and fair. Our mission in society is to help payments flow as they should. We all know how business works – the principle is simple. Companies produce goods and services. Consumers and businesses buy them – sometimes on credit. Intrum exists to manage the payment flow (invoices, credit assessment, debt collection and payment monitoring). When companies get paid for their products, they become profitable and they can build strong business relationships, grow and employ more staff. People feel good and consume more. In a sound economy, both businesses and consumers feel good.

Our vision is to be trusted and respected by everyone who provides and receives credit

Client benefit

  • With the right credit decision, our clients are able to maximize their sales results, Invoices are paid and profitability improves.
  • With us taking care of invoicing and the accounts receivable ledger our clients are able to focus on their core operations.
  • Thanks to collection efforts individually tailored to the consumer’s financial capacity, our clients incur less depreciation and enjoy better liquidity and greater profitability.

Operational targets

  • Market leading - We shall be market leader in each of the countries where we operate
  • Complete range - We shall be the natural choice for our clients and their needs throughout the credit management services chain.
  • Operational efficiency - We deliver the highest quality as efficiently and securely as possible throughout the credit management services chain.
  • A sound economy - Intrum fills an important function in society by promoting a sound economy and credit environment.