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Boosting Your Business

As Europe’s leading Credit Management Services group with presence in 23 countries, Intrum is in a position to make a difference for any kind of business. We help companies get paid for the goods and services they sell.

Boosting your Business

We believe in you

We believe that whether you’re a big company working with telecom,
financial services or utilities or a small one man company you should be
concentrating on what you do best, not on getting paid. One in three
companies in Europe would be able to hire more employees if they got
paid faster. That’s eight million companies. And that’s a lot of
carpenters, baristas, engineers, doctors and waiters.

  1. We increase our clients' revenue. How can we increase yours?

    Our Credit Optimization Services help weed out potential problems before they arise by helping our clients offer the right credit to the right customer. We also monitor existing credit to improve sales and profits. As a result, invoices get paid and turnover increases. To boost your revenue, fill in your contact details and we’ll get back to you with some good news.

    Credit Optimization Services
  2. Our clients get paid faster, what about you?

    Our Payment Services speed up payment, decrease non-payment and lower collection costs down the line. By improving their cash-flow, our clients have more time to concentrate on building their business and a better future. To boost your cash-flow, fill in your contact details and we'll get back to you with some good news.

    Payment Services
  3. Our clients keep their customers when we make collections. Want to know how?

    Our clients invest considerable time and money in building relationships with their customers. Our professional collection services get results without jeopardising these relationships. Our know-how on international payment behaviour, legislation, regulations and cultural differences helps our clients get paid faster. To boost your collections, fill in your contact details and we’ll get back to you with an interesting offer.

    Collection Services
  4. We replace bad debt with good. What about your bad debt?

    Our Services help businesses get paid no matter what. Our debt purchase services help our clients cut losses by taking over bad debt. Every bad debt we eliminate, makes the wheels of industry turn just a little faster. To boost your balance sheet, fill in your contact details and we’ll get back to you with some good news.

    Debt Purchase services

We are boosting your business

There are many factors that go into making society work better, but probably the most important is money. We make business run smooth and money flow. That’s our idea. We do it with a range of different credit management services. We do it so you can concentrate on what you do – your business.

With more businesses running smooth, the society will run smooth. It is about making sure the money gets to where it should be. From single traders who need cash flow to survive, to corporations with large workforces and complex financial structures. Or to Oliver that started an alternative online bike rental business. Everyone needs to get paid to grow.

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