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10 financial facts you didn´t know about young Europeans

  • Shopping online is common among young Europeans. 42 per cent of all Europeans aged 18-24 regularly shop online. 
  • 32 per cent use their credit card when they shop online.
  •  But being just one click from buying things, makes it easy to shop for a little more than they had planned, says 36 per cent.
  • 24 per cent of the young Europeans think it is okay to buy consumer goods with a payment plan, or on credit.
  •  27 per cent of all young Europeans say they don´t have their financial situation under control, and 19 per cent say their financial situation is not getting better.
  •  1 in 4 young Europeans consider leaving their country due to their financial situation. In Hungary this figure is 46 per cent.
  •  If leaving their country for another, the UK is the top country to move to. On the other hand, 29 per cent of the young Brits also consider moving to another country…
  •  Many Europeans live with their parents longer than they want to. 28 per cent of the parents say their children choose to live at home due to financial reasons.
  •  One in five has been forced to move back home to their parents due to the financial situation.
  •  45 per cent of European parents believe they will need to financially support their children after having moved from home.

All facts and numbers are published in European Consumer Payment Report 2016.

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