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Diverse European landscape

Intrum Justitia’s “The European Consumer Payment Report” surveys more than 22 000 European consumers every year with questions about personal finances and payments for goods and services. It has been published since 2013.

In the 2015 report it was clear that the financial situation plays an important part in keeping couples from separating, 15 percent said they stay in relationships for financial reasons. In addition, only 45 percent said they are financially self-sufficient, indicating that many may take a financial blow from a break-up.

The survey also reveals a diverse European landscape regarding financial confidence and future prospects.

On average, 16 percent of the respondents said they do, in general, have their financial situation under control and Spain tops the league with a whopping 49 percent. Many also believe their financial prospects are bleak and only 31 percent think they will be financially better off than their parents while 41 percent say they neither agree or disagree with that statement. When it comes to personal finances, 26 percent think they are getting better while 75 percent believe they are about the same or getting worse.

Overall 21 percent feel the economy of the country they live in is getting better but the number varies greatly with 41 percent of Danes agreeing while only 3 percent of Greeks see any improvement.