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Say it on the invoice

Avarda helps you talk to the customer by a tailored solution, designed to deal with payment and product flows in both e-commerce and physical stores.

E-commerce is rapidly gaining momentum throughout Europe and in the process it is changing both the retail landscape and the way consumers behave.  A crucial part of any successful online retailer, apart from an attractive offer, is ensuring a smooth payment process and nurturing relationships with shoppers, building customer loyalty.

Avarda is a joint venture between Intrum Justitia and TF Bank that addresses these issues in an innovative way. Avarda is currently active in Sweden and Finland but plans to expand primarily in the rest of the Nordic region.

-We focus on both the retailer and the customer and incorporate the whole purchasing process, supplying a smooth check-out and payment routine for the customer and the opportunity to increase future sales for the retailer by staying in touch with the customer, says Mikael Johansson , CEO of Avarda.

Avarda offers a comprehensive invoicing service as well as payment by installments and the customers’ purchases are aggregated monthly on a single invoice rather than billing after each purchase. In connection with the billing and payment process, Avarda enables the online store to communicate with customers, launching special offers, campaigns and new products.

-This communication can be tailored to suit the individual customer and adds significant value by making customers return, says Mikael Johansson.

Avarda’s services are also designed to deal with payment and product flows in both e-commerce and physical stores, something which is becoming increasingly important to retailers.

-The borders between ordinary stores and online stores are blurring and many retailers are integrating these operations. You can order online and pick up in the store or buy online and return in the store, says Mikael Johansson.

Here you can find more information about Avarda