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European Industry white Paper report 2016

In the European Payment Report (EPR) Intrum gathers data from thousands of companies in Europe to gain insights in the payment behavior and financial health of European businesses.

The EPR Industry White Paper 2016 presents the significant differences in debt loss and payment delays and how it impacts different industry sectors. The survey 2016 was conducted among 9,440 companies in 29 countries during February-April 2016.

Through this EPR Industry White Paper, we have gained valuable insights into how late payments and non-payment impact European economies and business sectors. We see varying impacts from late payments and non-payment on different economies and industries – what unites all of the economies and industries in our report is that they are all impacted by payments that are late or in default. 

Free copy of EPR Industry White Paper Report

Intrum gatherers data from thousands of companies in Europe on a yearly basis to gain insight in to the payment behavior and financial health of European business. The industry results are presented in the European Payment Industry White Paper. For more information about the European Payment report, click here.

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