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Boosting Your Business

Every third company could hire more people if they got paid faster. Intrum has a number of solutions that can help your business.

We believe in you


We believe that whether you’re a big company working with telecom, financial services or utilities or a small one man company you should be concentrating on what you do best, not on getting paid. One in three companies in Europe would be able to hire more employees if they got paid faster. That’s eight million companies. And that’s a lot of carpenters, baristas, engineers, doctors and waiters.


As Europe’s leading Credit Management Services (CMS) group with presence in 20 countries and global reach, Intrum is in a unique position to make a difference for any kind of business, small local businesses or large global ones. With our insight and know-how, we help companies get paid for the goods and services they sell. Read more about how we can boost your business.

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