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European Consumer Payment Report

The European Consumer Payment report provides insights to European consumers’ views on their economic outlook, and is thus a barometer on the economic whereabouts of Europe from the consumer’s perspective.

European Consumer Payment Report

The European Consumer Payment Report is based on a survey that was conducted simultaneously in 21 European countries in 21 August to 11 September 2015 among more than 22,400 Europeans. The aim of this report is to gain insight in European consumers’ everyday life; their spending and ability to manage their household finances on a monthly basis. The survey is complemented with insights on consumers acquired by Intrum Justitia over our 90-year presence in the credit management industry.

To work for a sound economy

At Intrum Justitia we talk to more than 50,000 Europeans every day, trying to resolve their financial problems. On a monthly basis we talk to more than 0,5 million Europeans. To understand the situation and needs of the European consumer is vital to us in order to improve how we work to find optimal solutions for each individual.

European Consumer Payment Report

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