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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding debts, payments and unpaid invoices

How do I pay?


You can make a secure payment on our website.


You can make an online transfer or make a payment by contacting our collections team.


You can pay in any post office by using the giro slip attached to our letter.

Once we have processed your payment we will inform your creditor that you have paid. We will then transfer the money to your creditor and your file will be closed.

 The possibility of arranging a suitable payment plan will depend upon your creditor and we are bound by their guidelines. Please contact us now to discuss your options. 


Your creditor will be within their rights to take further action including possible legal action if you decide to ignore the reminder letters. This may result in additional costs being added to the amount you owe.
Never ignore a reminder. There are always solutions available such as paying by instalments. If you keep in contact with us throughout the process and keep to an agreed payment plan you can avoid possible extra costs. If you do not pay the amount owed, this may affect your ability to obtain credit and in certain circumstances it may also affect whether you are able to obtain certain types of employment.


About the letter

You have received a letter from Intrum because you have not paid a creditor and they have asked us to collect the debt owed. The first thing to remember is not to panic. It is a logical step for a creditor to use a firm such as Intrum to collect overdue accounts. We want to solve the payment problem in an amicable way without the need for legal proceedings.

Your details are sent to us from your creditor in respect of your account.  They send contact details and further information concerning the payment of any debts owed. This information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

I don't believe I owe this debt.

If you have already paid the debt then please contact us on the number stated on the letter. We will liaise with your creditor and arrange to have your file closed.


If you have received a letter stating that you owe a hospital debt but you were in receipt of a medical card at the time of the hospital visit, please contact us on the number provided so we can update the client if this is the case.