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Boosting Your Business

Grow and improve your business by taking advantage of the expertise and experience of Intrum Justitia, Europe’s leading Credit Management Services company. We offer both stand alone and integrated services.

Help With Every Step of the Way

Need help to boost your business?

Our expertise and professionalism will help you boost sales, profits and cash flow while reducing the risk to your business.

  1. Identifying Profitable Customers

    Before you take on a customer and enter into a transaction, it is crucial to minimise the risk of late or non-payment. Intrum Justitia helps you evaluate and identify customers that are profitable.

  2. Optimise Your Cash Flow

    Get paid faster and avoid cumbersome collection procedures by using Intrum Justitia's payment services and tried and tested follow-up procedures.

    Payment and Cash Flow
  3. Minimise Your Losses

    Reduce your losses from late payments or non-paying customers with Intrum Justitia's professional collection services. We can help you save time and money, while protecting your customer relationship too.

    Collection and Recovery
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