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Debt Collection

A successful business depends on predictable cash flow and good customer relationships. When your customers fail to pay on time, Intrum can collect the debt, while minimising the impact on the customer relationship.

Our Service

Founded in 1923, Intrum is one of Europe’s leading credit management companies, with an unrivalled track record in managing and monitoring the payment processes of each individual customer. Our tailor-made online tool IntrumWeb gives us complete visibility of what your organization is owed and the payment status, while our scoring techniques ensure we look after companies and individuals efficiently and effectively. You also have the security of knowing that Intrum Justitia can assist you if a legal debt collection is required.

  • Best-in-class tracking processes and payment management tools
  • Global reach through Intrum's offices in 23 countries and a partner network spanning 160 countries
  • Protecting your customer relationships and respecting their integrity

Letting Intrum handle our late payment processes has saved us both time and money and let us concentrate on our core business” – Intrum clients have on average shortened their payment times by 23 days and cut outstanding credit by 45 per cent.

We focus on collecting your debt, so you can focus on growth

By managing late payments strictly, diligently and fairly, Intrum Justitia helps you be paid faster and bring down outstanding credit. That leaves you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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