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Debt Surveillance

Delayed or withheld payments put pressure on your business and create unnecessary costs. By handing the process of monitoring and collecting the debt over to Intrum, you can ease this burden and put your mind at rest.

Our Service

Instead of writing-off a debt as uncollectible, Intrum can take over the whole process of monitoring the debt for you. We stay in touch with the customer and we collect the final payment on your behalf. Intrum has unparalleled experience and expertise in debt management. Our monitoring system allows us to take the right action at any time to ensure a final payment is made, without damaging your customer relationships.

  • Intrum'sexpertise and experience in credit collection ensures faster payment
  • We save you time and money on administration
  • Our strong and respected reputation means Intrum can help speed up payments to you

Let the experts handle late payments

Getting paid on time is crucial for your business success, your cash flow and your competitiveness. Leave the task of dealing with late payments to Intrum, to save you time and money and put your mind at rest.

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