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Credit information

If you only pursue and process your attractive and viable customers you will use your sales resources more efficiently. Intrum Justitia’s insight into existing and prospective customers’ payment patterns can help you do so.

Our Service

Our Credit Information services help you keep your databases of existing and prospective customers up-to-date and relevant. The information we provide is selected from several data sources and they often contain both positive and negative payment behaviour. This allows for the deployment of sophisticated scores and credit strategies within the credit management process, including client-specific credit processes and more effective marketing activities.

  • National and international credit information, proprietary and third-party providers
  • Best-in-class statistical tools and IT capacity for analysis
  • Keeping your customer databases up-to-date and relevant

With our credit information services, we will help to ensure businesses stay secure and profitable.

Current and relevant credit information can boost profits

An up to date and relevent insight into your customers' payment patterns and credit risk allows you to implement several profit-enhancing credit management strategies, including more effective marketing.

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