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Testimonials from some of our employees

"I am happy to have an opportunity to work at GBS. People are open - minded, supportive and full of good ideas - both colleagues and management. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome here and none of them would be rejected without a discussion. Even the craziest idea has a chance to get a life here! Just look at some pictures from our team buildings or our Friday’s breakfast meetings. 

People at GBS are also very friendly and caring. You can always get help or a supportive shoulder to lean on. And sometimes you can even be surprised by a colleague who had made a lunch meal for a whole team. And well it’s always nice when someone who comes from holiday brings some sweet treats for those who were sitting at the office and waiting for her/him. So even on holidays colleagues are not forgotten"



Julia works as a Team Manager in GBS.

"Voluntary participation in different internal projects is very meaningful for me – it motivates, expands the knowledge, improves negotiation and communication skills, gives the possibility to understand the importance of the project for the company and for every employee. I appreciate all the feedbacks that we receive and this is valuable experience that I’m gaining here."




Deimantas works as a Specialist in GBS.

"I’m very proud that during our off-hours activities we develop as a team and also spread the social responsibility. Recently we started to support children orphanage and spend lovely time together with the children. This experience gives a tremendous impact for all of us to become better persons and create socially responsible environment both inside and outside the company. We love to have self – development traditions while in the office and outside the office. One of our evenings is dedicated for brain battle where we get to know new things as well as strengthen our cooperation skills. During the breaks in the office we gather for cross words solving, foreign language improving, etc. Also we maintain healthy life style by having sport sessions in the gym."



Eglė works as a Team Leader in GBS.

"In my opinion work in GBS is a great example of collaboration and commitment to the team. Team members here prioritize common goals more than their own personal performance. We are always ready to help other with increased workloads of tasks, share our knowledge and find solutions together by fostering open communication and support. It is pleasure to work in GBS as you always feel valued as a team member, are surrounded by friendly, positive and professional colleagues."