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About Shareholders Meetings

The decision-making rights of Intrum Justitia’s shareholders are exercised at General Meetings of shareholders.

Most resolutions at General Meetings are passed by a simple majority. However, the Swedish Companies Act requires qualified majority in certain cases, for example in case of amendment of the articles of association. 

The Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in Stockholm. The date and venue for the meeting is announced here, on the Intrum Justitia website no later than at the time of release of the third-quarter interim financial report.

The AGM is held in Swedish. All documentation provided by the Company is available in both Swedish and English.

The AGM gives shareholders the opportunity to raise questions relating to the operations of the Group.

Intrum Justitia AB (publ)
Board of Directors Secretariat
SE-105 24 Stockholm

Dividend Policy

Intrum Justitia’s Board of Directors intends to annually propose a dividend or equivalent form of distribution to shareholders that over time averages at least half of the year’s net earnings after tax.

Decisions relating to dividend proposals take into account the company’s future revenues, financial position, capital requirements and the situation in general.

For the financial year 2016 the Board has proposed a of SEK  9.00 per share, which is equivalent to approximately 45 percent of the net earnings for the year.