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Debt Purchase

Even when you have given up and written off a receivable it may still hold value and cash flow can be realised. Intrum can take over the debt for you, which immediately improves your cash flow and also helps your customer.

Our Service

The cost of seeking repayment from a non-paying customer is often more than what is owed. Intrum is willing to take over the debt from you at a percentage of its nominal value, with the percentage depending on the quality of the debt. We pay you immediately and then independently seek payment, using our expertise and our economies of scale.

The indebted party typically also stands to gain, as Intrum can offer individual plans that are calibrated to each consumer’s ability to pay. Intrum buys written-off debt from every type and size of company, including credit institutions, private and public enterprises, and government bodies.


  • Selling non-performing debt quickly improves cash flow
  • The indebted party also benefits through new payment options
  • You reduce losses from non-performing debt

A smooth payment process boosts sales

Selling your written-off receivables to Intrum frees up cash flow, reduces your losses and saves you time. It may also help your customer, by offering them individual payment plans, allowing them to become debt-free in an easier way.

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