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Credit Decision

The decision whether a client should be granted a credit can have a significant impact on your business’ cash flow and profitability. Making the right decision minimises your risk and helps make every customer relationship a profitable one.

Our Service

Successful credit risk assessment is based on a combination of knowledge, information and understanding. Intrum provides a credit decision platform based on Europe’s most comprehensive databases and sophisticated analytical and scoring tools. We serve you with real-time and detailed recommendations for allowing credit to an individual person or business, or propose alternative payment solutions. Our credit decision service will help you avoid invoices being defaulted on later.


  • Comprehensive assessment process using sophisticated analytics and scoring
  • Unmatched European presence and credit information database
  • Real-time, efficient and secure credit assessment

Correct and informed credit decisions can drive sales

By enabling you to take the right credit decisions, Intrum can make your customers profitable from the start, enhancing your cash flow and customer satisfaction. Efficient and careful credit decision making reduces your risk while you concentrate on increasing your sales.

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Can you pay? Will you pay? – How credit decisions are made

Every 1.3 seconds, round-the-clock, Intrum Justitia helps to make a decision whether or not an individual or a company will be granted credit. This process is crucial to efficient credit management and is also highly complex and diverse.