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Credit Monitoring

Your business is only as safe as your customers’ business. Sudden customer defaults can affect your business profoundly due to the late and/or non-payment of invoices. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your customers’ performance to avoid the possibility of a non-payment in the future.

Our Service

Intrum Justitia monitors the performance of your customers and credit agreements to detect changes that could affect future payment behaviour and credit risk. All changes are monitored and communicated against set guidelines. When changes occur we can help you take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of a future non-payment. This can include early or pre-payment instalment plans, or increased information flow.


  • Unmatched experience in analysing payment patterns and behavior
  • Pan-European and global monitoring capabilities
  • Credit monitoring techniques that reduce the risk to your business from defaulting customers
Secure your business by knowing your customer

Secure your business by knowing your customer

By staying one step ahead through careful credit monitoring you can be proactive, and reduce the risk of future non-payment situations in a way that benefits both you and your customer.

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