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VAT Service

Every year, an estimated 20 billion euros in Value-Added Taxes (VAT) goes unclaimed by companies in the European Union. And in many countries your business activities may require a VAT registration.

Our Service

We act as your external VAT specialist and run the VAT refund process from start to finish, sparing you from having to deal with a multitude of different language requirements and regulations. We recover tens of millions of euros in VAT refunds for clients every year.

In addition, we offer VAT consultancy, VAT registration and compliance services, as well as tailored training packages on how to deal with VAT issues. We can also handle applications for VAT refunds on any expenses incurred abroad.


  • Our expert staff saves time, money and trouble for your business
  • Outsourcing VAT refunds speeds up your cash flow
  • We carry out VAT registrations and compliance in over 20 European countries
Intrum Justitia VAT Services

Outsourcing VAT saves you time, money and trouble

Outsourcing your foreign VAT refunds to Intrum Justitia gets you reimbursed quicker and saves time and money through less administration. This is money that is just waiting to be recovered, and Intrum can help you get it back.

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