ICS Athens is a multinational hub, designed to support and service our wider organisation and deliver for our clients across Europe and the UK.


We strive to deliver operational excellence in everything we do, by helping our customers manage their finances in a caring and compassionate manner. Every day, our team engage with thousands of customers, providing on-hand support and guidance throughout their debt life-cycle, through ethical and empathetic means. We are committed to utilising the latest, cutting-edge technology available, to off greater flexibility and efficiency, whilst maintaining our high standards and quality.

Our vision is for Intrum Customer Service Athens to become a team of excellence, providing personalised solutions and value to our customers. This means working with solutions that generate growth and create shared value for individuals, companies and society.

Working for us means working with the best people, the best working environment and attractive site, the most interesting clients, the latest market innovations and the highest ethical standards.

We consider ourselves an extension of the markets, even if we are situated hundreds kilometers away.
Marina Sofroni, Managing Director of ICS Athens.

We are always looking for great people to join us

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Why Athens?

Athens is a modern metropolis and home to a multitude of multinational companies due to its ideal location and thriving economy. Athens has a rich history, dating back 5000 years, providing an ideal place for keen historians and sightseeing.

The city is littered with museums, parks, galleries and a wealth of different shows (from musicals to ancient Greek plays), which are offered throughout the year. The city is celebrated for its food and nightlife, offering a variety from local 'tavernas' to international Michelin star cuisine.

Intrum’s presence has grown significantly in Athens in recent years, and ICS Athens have invested heavily in ensuring our employees have all the tools and support to develop throughout their careers with us.