Our Services

We help companies prosper, by caring for their customers

We support Intrum Group and its clients across Europe by enabling operational excellence through shared services. By doing this we let Intrum countries to fully focus on business and we add value by:

  • Minimizing operational risk: lowered through standardisation of processes and reporting
  • Seamless customer experience: driving consistency in operational practices
  • Cost Certainty and Optimization: greater control over cost levers to realise benefits
  • Change Management & Flexibility: providing flexibility and scalability
  • Knowledge Management: eliminate key person dependencies by leveraging GBS as a knowledge Center across functional domains



Intrum GBS provides vital services to the Credit Management division. Operational tasks span Intrum’s key processes such as operations for: Debt collection, Debt surveillance, Accounts Receivable management and Payments.

Our main focus is to harmonize, standardize processes as well as to drive automation and Continuous Improvement. 



Intrum GBS team supports Intrum Group and local country units throughout the whole investment process – from valuation, pricing, acquisition, management of the acquired portfolios to the development of business strategies.


Business Analytics

Business analysts provide advisory and consultation services within Intrum Group and local country units in order to help improve business performance and decision making. The main areas of focus for the team are: business analysis, operational reporting and translating complicated information into insights for decision makers. The team also performs hypothesis testing, does root cause analysis, data extracts and identifies gaps.



Intrum GBS Finance department supports the full record to report (R2R) process. This team provides various services from Accounts Payable, Month end closing to Financial and Business controlling and other. At Intrum GBS we implement ICFR (Internal Control over Financial Reporting) and together with IT and finance departments in local countries we develop new smart functionalities for a more user-friendly finance environment within Intrum Group.

Other Support Functions

Intrum GBS has several support functions such as Non-IT procurement, HR, LEAN, Business process analysis and modelling, Compliance and Risk and project management. These departments focus on creating smarter solutions, process efficiency and quality improvement to deliver value-add for our end users. This area will grow over time as it is essential in business development and it can help a company achieve consistency.