Third quarter 2017 · The merger with Lindorff was implemented on June 27, 2017. Accordingly, Lindorff is included in the consolidated income statement and balance sheet for the entire third quarter of 2017. Pro forma comparative figures are reported with Lindorff consolidated as of January 1, 2016. In connection with the merger, Intrum Justitia has undertaken to divest its Norwegian subsidiaries, as well as Lindorff’s Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Estonian subsidiaries. Consequently, for both the third quarter and comparative periods, these subsidiaries are reported as discontinued operations. On pages 8-12 of the interim report, the development of the merged Group is commented on a pro forma basis, calculated as if Lindorff had been included in the Group throughout the interim period and in the comparative figures. · Consolidated net revenues for the third quarter of 2017 amounted to SEK 2,986 M (1,433). Pro forma for the third quarter of 2016, net revenues were SEK 2,623 M. · Operating earnings amounted to SEK 977 M (506). Pro forma for the third quarter of 2016, operating earnings were SEK 541 million. · The operating earnings of SEK 977 M include non-recurring items of SEK –60 M (pro forma in the preceding year, –26) and items affecting comparability of SEK 38 M (pro forma in the preceding year –285). Operating earnings excluding non-recurring items and items affecting comparability amounted to SEK 999 M (pro forma in the preceding year, 852). · Net earnings for the quarter amounted to SEK 615 M (375) and earnings per share were SEK 4.68 (5.14). · Cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK 1,796 M (811). · The carrying amount of purchased debt has increased by 28 percent compared with the third quarter of 2016 on a pro forma basis. The quarter’s investments in purchased overdue receivables amounted to SEK 1,177 M (pro forma in the preceding year, 828). The return on purchased debt was 15 percent (pro forma in the preceding year, 16 percent). · The quarter’s net revenues for the Credit Management business area increased on a pro forma basis by 10 percent compared with the corresponding quarter last year, with an operating margin excluding NRIs of 28 percent (pro forma in the preceding year, 15 percent). · The new Group-wide brand “Intrum” was launched during the quarter, replacing “Intrum Justitia” and “Lindorff”.

Comment by President and CEO Mikael Ericson

During the third quarter of 2017, we had a high level of activity to implement the merger with Lindorff. We have decided on a new brand, Intrum, and a new shared identity for the merged company. All of the management teams have been appointed and are now working to plan and implement actions to secure the value we perceive in the new company. On the whole, we are maintaining a very good pace and quality in the process of integrating the new Group. The process of divesting certain subsidiaries in accordance with commitments to the EU competition authority has continued well.

In the third quarter, Intrum developed well in terms of both investment levels and earnings, serving to confirm the competitiveness of the new company. Adjusted for non-recurring items and items affecting comparability, our operating earnings rose by 17 percent pro forma compared with the same period last year. The increase is mainly attributable to Financial Services, where we have a significant volume increase in purchased debt combined with a good return rate of 15 percent for the quarter. Investments in purchased debt rose by 42 percent in the third quarter, pro forma compared with the same period last year, with a favorable increase in investments in secured consumer receivables and receivables from small and medium-sized companies. Within Credit Management Services too, we had a good increase in income at 10 percent for the third quarter, pro forma compared to the same quarter last year, primarily from acquired units but also from positive organic growth. During the third quarter, we also made a small acquisition in Credit Management Services in the Netherlands

We are still seeing highly favorable activity in our markets, with a considerable supply of debt portfolios and opportunities for value-generating acquisitions. In early October, the ECB published further guidance for banks regarding the management of overdue loans, which we believe will contribute to good business opportunities for Intrum in the coming years. In October, we also established cooperation with one of the larger banks in Greece, where we acquired a portfolio of expired consumer receivables, providing good opportunities to develop into a strong partner for Greek banks that have a significant proportion of unsecured loans on their balance sheets. Accordingly, on the whole, we take a very positive view of the opportunities for growth over the coming years in our existing business and in new asset classes and markets. At the same time, we are committed to taking advantage of such opportunities with balanced risk-taking through our highly diversified operations and through the continued disciplined application of our investment criteria.

Within the framework of our efforts to promote a sound economy, we continued to inform various stakeholders during the quarter about the effects of late payments in society. During the quarter, we compiled Intrum’s European Industry White Paper, which provides insights into how different sectors are developing in Europe and what consequences late payments have for companies in these sectors. The report is used both as a basis for discussions at customer meetings and to influence decision makers and politicians locally and in the EU. In addition, we have, for several years, partnered with Hand-in-Hand International and, in the third quarter, we extended our cooperation with this organization. Among other efforts, Hand-in-Hand International trains women in rural India to start and run their own businesses, gaining access to micro-finance, to thus be able to support their families. We are very proud of the work that Hand-in-Hand carries out and see our partnership as an important part of our endeavor to be a company leading the way towards a sounder economy.

To sum up, Intrum has developed well in the third quarter, and I have a very positive view of the Group’s prospects. As the clear market leader in an industry with high growth potential, we have excellent opportunities to generate significant values for our clients, our owners and society.

Presentation of the interim report

The year-end report and presentation materials are available at relations. President & CEO Mikael Ericson and CFO Erik Forsberg will comment on the report at a teleconference on October 18, starting at 9:00 CET. The presentation can be followed at and/or To participate by phone, call +46 8 566 427 00 (SE) or +44 20 300 898 07 (UK).

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