Our approach to ethical debt collection during time of crisis  

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Improve cash flows and long-term profitability

In this year's edition of the report, we see that European consumers must learn to navigate in an increasingly uncertain world.

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Investor relations

Half of European businesses believe their country will be cashless within ten years

European Payment Report 2019

About Intrum

Gender gap in Nordic household debt

Nordic Debt Collection Analysis no.2 | 2019

We are Intrum. We lead the way.

We lead the way to prosperous business. Our credit management services give advantages to companies of all sizes. Strong cash flow contributes to continuous growth.

By taking good care of our clients and their customers we contribute to sustained healthy relationships.

Every year we support 80.000 companies. And every day we are in contact with 250.000 people in debt.

With this great influence, comes great responsibilities and opportunities. We are in a unique position to make a difference. Step by step, we make things better for our clients, for their customers, for our industry and for society.

We lead the way to a sound economy.


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