Intrum announces collections and recoveries partnership with Sainsbury’s Bank

Credit management group Intrum UK has signed an agreement to manage the collections and recoveries functions for Sainsbury’s Bank and Argos Financial Services portfolios.

Under the agreement, Intrum will assume responsibility for collections and recoveries on a white label basis for loan, credit card and store card products.

“I am very pleased to see this transformational partnership between Intrum UK and Sainsbury’s Bank. This mandate is a true testament to Intrum’s strong track record of sustainable debt-collection and ability to leverage added value to our clients’ customer journey; both in terms of bringing down out-standing credits and in diligent and fair customer care”, said Anette Willumsen, MD CMS Sales & Service Development and Markets.

The deal means the supermarket bank will benefit from Intrum’s bespoke collections technology as well as its award-winning expertise in customer care.

“We are delighted to be working with the Sainsbury’s and Argos brands to deliver a streamlined and progressive collections service,” said Intrum UK Managing Director Eddie Nott. “Our people, systems and technology not only increase efficiency; they deliver the best collections experience for consumers. This means access to a wide range of digital tools as well as individually-tailored customer care at the end of the phone if they need it.”

Intrum’s specialist technology includes propriety software, real-time customer surveys, speech analytics, vulnerability assessments and digital self-service options.

For further information, please contact:

Anna Fall, Chief Brand & Communications Officer
+46 70 996 98 21

Ian Davies, Client & Sales Director to Intrum UK
Phone: + 44 7960 580 747