Global Customer Service Centers

Global Customer Service Centers

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Intrum’s Global Customer Service Centres collaborate with and support the Intrum markets in their work. The multi-lingual centre teams handle incoming and outgoing calls on behalf of a wide range of clients, speaking to their customers to help resolve their financial difficulties and arrange payment.

The rapidly-growing centres are based in four locations, each of which serves several markets:

  • Athens: serving Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland
  • Bucharest: serving Italy, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, France
  • Malaga: serving Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
  • Mauritius: serving France, Belgium, UK

Each centre serves Intrum customers in multiple languages and dialects, employing native or near-native speakers of the markets it supports. The agents are highly trained and embody Intrum’s values of Empathy, Ethics, Dedication and Solutions.

Intrum’s goal is to provide a great customer service experience with high performing teams. As global as possible, as local as needed.

We consider ourselves an extension of the markets, even if we are situated hundreds kilometers away.
Marina Sofroni, Managing Director of ICS Athens.

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