Meet our people

Meet our people

One of our greatest strengths is the enthusiasm and engagement of all our people. Through an everyday commitment to being a little better today than we were yesterday, we bring out the best in each other.

Erika | Business Process Improvement Specialist

"Working in Intrum GBS since 2015 I always had an opportunity to develop my skills in various areas that helped me to find my career path I was searching for. As a Finnish Back Office specialist I decided to become one of Continuous Improvement drivers in GBS. I contributed driving CI culture in GBS, organized workshops for different operational teams in order to improve processes, took the responsibility to represent Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools for all newcomers of the company. All the activities and experiences being a CI driver revealed to me a new direction and where I wanted to go further. And this direction is Business Process Improvements that create a tremendous value not only for business, but for all of us, also. I am happy having an opportunity to work, deepen the knowledge and improve my skills in the area I love."


Justina | Operations Process Leader

"When I first heard about possibility to attend Language School here, in Intrum GBS, I did not hesitate and took this opportunity. After a half year of courses I was already using Finnish language at work. This skill not only helped me to deepen knowledge of Finnish culture but also enabled me to learn new tasks. So this year, when I heard that company is organizing English Language School I had no doubt and asked to count me in. When it comes to learning foreign languages it doesn‘t matter how advanced you are – there is always a place for improvement."


Kamilija | Operations Process Leader

"When I joined Intrum GBS I could not speak Norwegian and had never been to any of the Scandinavian countries. Working at Intrum GBS has not only lead me learning the Norwegian language but also gave me a chance to live and work in Norway for a whole year. This experience helped me to grow professionally and made a big impact in my development. Three years already passed after this amazing journey but I still find here lots of opportunities to learn and deepen my knowledge by participating in various projects."