Credit Optimisation Services

Intrum can help you avoid potential problems before they arise by enabling you to offer the right credit to the right customer and monitor existing credit arrangements, to ensure that your invoices are paid as quickly as possible.

Credit monitoring

Your business is only as safe as your customers’ business. Sudden customer defaults can affect your business profoundly due to the late and/or non-payment of invoices. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your customers’ performance to avoid the possibility of a non-payment in the future.

Intrum monitors the performance of your customers and credit agreements to detect changes that could affect future payment behavior and credit risk. All changes are monitored and communicated against set guidelines. When changes occur we can help you take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of a future non-payment. This can include early or pre-payment instalment plans, or increased information flow.

  • Unmatched experience in analyzing payment patterns and behavior

  • Pan-European and global monitoring capabilities

  • Credit monitoring techniques that reduce the risk to your business from defaulting customers

Secure your business by knowing your customer

By staying one step ahead through careful credit monitoring you can be proactive, and reduce the risk of future non-payment situations in a way that benefits both you and your customer.

Credit decision

The decision whether a client should be granted a credit can have a significant impact on your business’ cash flow and profitability. Making the right decision minimises your risk and helps make every customer relationship a profitable one.

Successful credit risk assessment is based on a combination of knowledge, information and understanding. Intrum provides a credit decision platform based on Europe’s most comprehensive databases and sophisticated analytical and scoring tools. We serve you with real-time and detailed recommendations for allowing credit to an individual person or business, or propose alternative payment solutions. Our credit decision service will help you avoid invoices being defaulted on later.

  • Comprehensive assessment process using sophisticated analytics and scoring

  • Unmatched European presence and credit information database

  • Real-time, efficient and secure credit assessment

Correct and informed credit decisions can drive sales

By enabling you to take the right credit decisions, Intrum can make your customers profitable from the start, enhancing your cash flow and customer satisfaction. Efficient and careful credit decision making reduces your risk while you concentrate on increasing your sales.


Why wait up to 90 days before that invoice gets paid? By selling your invoice to Intrum, a process known as factoring, you get paid immediately, while we assume the credit risk and administration burden for you.

Factoring from Intrum allows you to release cash from unpaid invoices as soon as they are produced. You can release cash tied up in unpaid invoices and the funds are made available to you within 24 hours. You send a copy of the invoice to both your customer and Intrum and we then pay you a pre-agreed percentage of the invoice. We then collect payment from your customer and return to you the remaining invoice value, minus a fee.

  • Immediate cash flow

  • Intrum takes over the credit risk and administration

  • Strong and respected brand, makes your customers feel comfortable

 A smooth payment process increases sales

By selling your invoices to Intrum, we take over the credit risk and the administration while you receive an immediate cash flow for your business. We believe that whether you’re a big company working with telecoms, financial services or utilities or a small one-man company you should be concentrating on what you do best, not on getting paid.

Credit information

If you only pursue and process your attractive and viable customers you will use your sales resources more efficiently. Intrum's insight into existing and prospective customers’ payment patterns can help you do so.

Our Credit Information services help you keep your databases of existing and prospective customers up-to-date and relevant. The information we provide is selected from several data sources and they often contain both positive and negative payment behavior. This allows for the deployment of sophisticated scores and credit strategies within the credit management process, including client-specific credit processes and more effective marketing activities.

  • National credit information, proprietary and third-party providers

  • Best-in-class statistical tools and IT capacity for analysis

  • Keeping your customer databases up-to-date and relevant 

Current and relevant credit information can boost profits

An up-to-date and relevant insight into your customers’ payment patters and credit risk allows you to implement several profit-enhancing credit management strategies, including more effective marketing.


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