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E-commerce services

For online merchants a reliable payment and credit decision process is business critical. Intrum has a comprehensive set of services including credit management, payment solutions and collection services in an automated, online and secure process.

Intrum has a comprehensive set of services which are ideal for e-commerce operators. Our services cover credit management, payment solutions and collection services. We understand the special challenge that e-commerce poses and we offer a process which is automated, online and secure.

You set the guidelines and credit limits, while Intrum evaluates potential customers in real time, offering payment via invoice or other means. After the purchase we produce the invoice and ensure timely payment. We also offer financing solutions where we take over the credit risk.

  • Tailored payment and credit management solutions for e-commerce

  • Fully automated, secure and online process, evaluating in real time

  • Specialised subsidiaries dedicated to e-commerce

  • Timely payment and reduced credit risk

A smooth payment process drives sales

Intrum’s smooth credit assessment and payment solutions for e-commerce simplify the purchasing process, producing satisfied customers and increased sales. By taking care of the payment process, our clients can focus on selling their products rather than making sure they get paid.



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