The Annual General Meeting 2019 re-elected the accounting firm Ernst & Young AB as auditor of Intrum AB.

The auditor was reelected for a term ending at the conclusion the Annual General Meeting 2019. Ernst & Young AB has been the auditor of Intrum since the Annual General Meeting 2012. Jesper Nilsson serves as the auditor-in-charge.

The auditor is independent. The amount of fees paid to auditors during the last two years follows from note 29 in the annual report (see below).  The auditor is obligated to test its independence prior to every decision to provide independent advice to Intrum unrelated to its auditing assignment.

MSEK Group Group Parent Company Parent Company
Year 2018 2017 2018 2017
External audit assignments
Ernst & Young 21 15 4 4
Audits, assignments, other auditors 7 15 0 0
Other assignments
Ernst & Young review activities beyond the audit assignment 9 3 0 0
Total 37 33 4 4

Audit assignments refer to the examination of the annual report and accounting records as well as the administration by the Board and the President, other tasks related to the duties of the company's auditors and consultation or other services that may result from observations noted during such examinations or implementation of such other tasks. All other tasks are defined as other assignments.