Our role in society

As Europe’s leading credit management services company, Intrum works to secure a functioning financial value chain for clients, their customers and society as a whole. This is essential for safeguarding Europe’s financial system.

Our business: Securing a functioning financial value chain

At Intrum, we ensure that companies get paid for their services and goods, while helping their customers regain financial control.

Our 10,000 employees work across 20 markets in 38 languages, using in-depth local know-how and unique technical capabilities of our platform. This platform is used for all debt types and clients, also including managing our own portfolio investments.

Intrums role in society


Our Servicing offering helps companies secure payment. We service a wide range of clients, from large banks and financial services industry, telecom and energy companies, to small and midsized companies. Intrum secures solid cash flows and liquidity, enabling companies to focus on their business, and to employ, invest, and prosper.


Intrum is one of Europe’s largest investors in non-performing loan (NPLs) portfolios from banks and credit institutions, who are increasingly selling these to free up their balance sheets. Through these acquisitions, we enable creditors to focus on their business, while we are supporting their customers on our platform with our fair debt collection solutions.

Our role: Safeguarding the European financial system

The global economy is facing considerable unpredictability, putting substantial pressure on people, companies and society at large. While individuals are facing a tougher time financially, companies have to secure liquidity to ensure their survival. Intrum plays a critical role in maintaining a sound economy.

Customers: Addressing people with dignity and respect

We strive to understand each individual situation – helping our customers resolve their debt and reintegrate into the financial system. We strive to understand each individual situation – helping our customers resolve their debt and reintegrate into the financial system. We have produced a set of guidelines in our efforts to ensure that customers are approached in a respectful manner.

Using our Treating Customers Fairly guidelines incorporating 10 principles, we are in contact with more than 250 000 customers every day, helping them to fulfil their obligations.

Using 10 principles for treating customers fairly, we contact more than 250 000 customers every day, helping them to fulfil their obligations.

Clients: Supporting companies by strengthening their liquidity

Ensuring that companies receive their payments in time is critical for their liquidity needs, securing a well-functioning financial ecosystem.

Every year we support 80,000 companies across Europe, the vast majority of which are small and mid-sized companies.

We also offer our clients time, freeing them to focus on the core business instead of debt collection.

Employees: Facilitating a workplace to thrive at, defined by diversity and inclusion

We strive to provide a meaningful and stimulating workplace.

With more than 90 nationalities, Intrum is a truly multicultural organisation. We speak 38 languages in our global front offices, a strategic asset of the company that we carefully nurture to attract especially multi-national clients. We are also convinced that being a multicultural company, built on diversity, equality and inclusion, makes us more responsive to the overall needs of our clients and customers and enables innovation and development of the right solutions for each new situation.

Intrum is a company driven by our four values; Empathy, Ethics, Dedication & Solutions. All of our stakeholders know what they can expect from us, and that we will grow and prosper both as a company and as individuals.

Society: Ensuring that our customers can partake in society

Intrum impacts society directly and indirectly. Lowering our ecological footprint, counteracting corruption, and preventing money laundering are direct actions that we undertake. In addition, our fair and ethical approach is at the heart of our commitment to social responsibility. We work at EU level to increase awareness of credit management and payments as well as raising understanding of financial literacy through targeted education initiatives. With these efforts, we aim to safeguard Europe’s financial system.