“Diversity enables us as a collective to become better at problem-solving”

Mohammed Salloum works as Chief Transformation Program Officer at Intrum. He has shared some reflections about diversity and leadership

Why is diversity important in professional life?

Diversity enables us to become better at cognitive processing, exchange of information and problem-solving. It provides the basis for ideas, experiences and perspectives to be exchanged and built upon. I can go on for a while about all the advantages about a diverse team, but bottom line is that it enhances performance both on personal and organizational levels.

Do you think women lead differently than men? If yes, how?

My personal opinion is that leadership does not hinge on gender but other facets such as personalities and experiences. Though some of the best leaders I’ve worked with within stakeholder management and collaboration have been women, I think the values and experiences impact the leadership style.

How would you describe your way of leading?

I prefer to lead the way I want to be led. To be provided with overall guidance but to be empowered to take ownership and drive a given domain. For me it is therefore important to delegate responsibilities and to see that my team develop and strive.

Diversity enhance performance both on personal and organizational levels
Mohammed Salloum, Chief Transformation Program Officer at Intrum

What is your most important tip for young talents starting their careers?

I believe it important that young talents leverage their inexperience as strength. Ask questions and explore why things are like they are. New perspectives from young minds who continue to challenge bring important value for the company.

Have you noticed any differences in challenges between women and men in leadership positions?

My experience tells me that women tend to be more humble than men. Hence, I do think women should become better at taking credit for all their awesome results and efforts.

What gives you most pride in your work at Intrum?

Intrum is a workplace with a proud heritage, smart and motivated people on a very exciting journey! I’m proud to take part of this.