What working at Intrum means

Working at Intrum means working in a company committed to helping people. With more than 10,000 employees in 20 countries, and being the undisputed global provider of credit services, we are always looking for new talents.

Once you work for Intrum, you will soon understand that people, both employees, clients and customers, are at the heart of our business. We care about our employees and working at Intrum means;

Joining an International market leader

Working for us means working for the international market leader. That not only sounds great. It also means working with the best people, the most interesting clients, the latest market innovations and the highest ethical standards. It also means working in a highly international environment and collaborating with colleagues across our 20 countries in Europe.

Having a meaningful work

Our business is about helping others. Helping individuals in debt get out of difficult situations. Helping companies get paid, so they can grow, employ and prosper. Which in turn is positive for the whole economy. With us, you become an important part of this circuit. Which gives your job at Intrum a deeper meaning. Regardless of your role or title.

Being part of a supportive culture where effort counts

The Intrum culture is created by our dedicated and diverse people. It’s about giving and taking. Give your best and take the opportunities. It’s demanding, but also supportive. Friendly, but also challenging. Inclusive, but also competitive. This duality is also reflected in our values, Empathy and Ethics — Dedication and Solutions. In such a culture, you can develop fast. But you have to make the effort yourself. Do your best. And good things will follow.

Having the opportunity to grow

At Intrum, there are good chances to develop. In our large organisation there are many opportunities to advance, specialise and rotate. Or even try your wings abroad. It’s up to you to make it happen. The fact that our business is about helping others — individuals and companies — makes your work developing on a more personal level, too. Simply put, you will grow by making a difference.

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