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About us

Intrum Global Technologies

We are Intrum's Center of Excellence for Global IT and Global Data & Analytics functions.

Our focus is to support Intrum's common data and IT environment, leading the way to future of One Intrum. The offices are located in Latvia and Spain, creating a regional hubs for around 380 specialists in total.

Growing by making a difference.

SIA Intrum Global Technologies

In Riga, Latvia

IGT Riga was established in 2010 as a relatively small development center and around 20 employees - we have grown a lot since then.

Today IGT Riga is a shared service center, a center of excellence for both Global IT and Global Data & Analytics functions at Intrum.

Our expertise is creating and supporting one IT and data environment for systems in all Intrum countries. 

We have more than 300 great specialists currently working in both local and mixed-location teams with various technologies. 

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Intrum Global Technologies Spain S.L.U.

In Malaga & Madrid, Spain

IGT Spain was established in the beginning of 2022 as key location to support Global Data & Analytics function.

It is a workplace where the positive energy and good vibes are in the air. Our employees, around 80 brilliant minds strategically distributed in different geographic locations, are all working for the Data Analytics Center of Excellence.

Experts in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Project Management who lead the way to boost Intrum digitization.

Our expectation is to continue growing and hiring professionals in the areas of IT development, Data Science and Cybersecurity. We want to do it in a sustainable way, hiring talent and taking care of it.

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