Credit Documentation

Intrum AB (publ) is in regular contact with the credit analysts at the rating agencies that cover Intrum. This in order to provide an accurate and up-to-date view of Intrum AB’s (publ) credit and business outlook.

Credit rating

A Credit Rating is an assessment of a company’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations. To maintain a robust financial platform for growing and supporting Intrum AB’s (publ) business, an external rating is a necessity in the international financial markets to attract funds at attractive levels. 

Agency Corporate Rating Outlook Publishing date Link to rating report
S&P BB+/Negative/B Negative 19.09.12 Download
Moody's Ba2 Stable 19.05.21 Download
Fitch BB Stable 19.09.09 Download

Historical rating

Agency Publishing date Link to historical rating report
S&P 17.06.12 Download
Moody's 18.06.04 Download
Fitch 19.05.31 Download



Swedish MTN Program

Since February 2012 Intrum AB (publ) has issued bonds on the Swedish market under a MTN (Medium Term Note) Program. Currently Intrum AB (publ) has SEK 2 billion outstanding under the MTN Program, which has a maximum total allowance of SEK 5 billion. The bonds are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


Intrum Updated MTN Prospectus


Final Loan Agreement


Commercial Paper

Intrum AB (publ) has the possibility to raise 4 BSEK in short term funding under its commercial paper program as a way to diversifying the base of our capital structure, lower the funding cost and for liquidity management.

Contact person

Investor Relations contact

Viktor Lindeberg

Head of Investor Relations