Celebrating International Women's Day 2024: Inspiring Inclusion at Intrum

As we commemorate International Women's Day on the 8th of March, Intrum proudly spotlights the diverse journeys and impactful contributions of female leaders, embodying this year's theme of 'inspire inclusion'. In a series of interviews, we delve into their experiences, challenges, and commitment to fostering a culture of diversity at Intrum.

We need to work a little harder because there are no shortcuts. But you also need to let things take time to achieve qualitative results, just as we do in Intrum with the wide range of stakeholders we have.
Rollby Claesson
The fact that we don’t yet have gender equality, equal pay, and equal representation on boards and management teams shows we should be highlighting International Women’s Day and talking about these issues.

Hollie Farrell's evolution from UK Finance Director to Global Accounting and Reporting Director at Intrum reflects her passion for numbers and problem-solving. Hollie expresses her dedication to fostering openness and promoting diversity, emphasizing the significance of mentorship. She advocates for equal opportunities and gender equality in the industry.

Susanna Norum Lanz – Global Investment Director Markets

There aren’t many women in finance - there really are too few - but on a normal day I don’t even think about it, I just focus on what I do.
Norum Lanz
With different angles and ambitions you come up with the most innovative solutions and the ones that are best for our customers and clients. There is value in a diverse team. If people think the same they don’t enrich each other. Different views enrich the way people think.

Ofelia Alfonso brings a wealth of experience in data, analytics, and technology to her role as Global Solutions and Alliances Director at Intrum. With a focus on utilizing data to address challenges across Intrum's 20 countries, Ofelia leads a dedicated team collaborating with others in advanced analytics.


As we celebrate International Women's Day, these interviews not only honour the achievements of our female leaders but also underscore Intrum's commitment to inspiring inclusion across all facets of our organisation.

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