Intrum's Annual and Sustainability Report for 2023

Surging inflation and higher borrowing costs were taking a toll on household finances during 2023, while many companies were conserving cash by delaying payments, causing severe liquidity issues across Europe. During 2023 we helped 5.1 million individuals to become debt free with Intrum and collected SEK 105 billion for our clients.

Operational excellence

As part of the ambition to provide the best operating platform in the industry, Intrum acquired Ophelos and eCollect, two companies that will speed up our technological transformation and advance our client value proposition while increasing our long-term operational efficiency. The integration of Ophelos is well under way with pilots in Belgium and Netherlands, and Intrum has got its ­ first client signed for new invoicing solution with eCollect.

Client focus

Intrum acquired Haya Real Estate, a Spanish servicing platform for a consideration of EUR 110 million. The deal strengthens Intrum’s position in Spain and extends our leadership in Servicing across Europe. The acquisition brings a large contract with key Spanish clients including BBVA, CaixaBank and Grupo Cooperativo CajaMar. In parallel, we signed agreements to exit our operations in Brazil, Romania and the Baltics. We also sold a Finnish non-core platform which at closing released SEK ~0.6 billion.


We started to explore capital partnership to strengthen our liquidity and reduce dept. In the beginning of 2024, we announced a material asset sale to top NPL investor Cerberus – which significantly raises our liquidity, accelerates decreasing of our leverage ratio while providing foundation for potential front book partnerships.

Andrés Rubio, President and CEO of Intrum
Andrés Rubio, President and CEO of Intrum

New president & CEO, new strategic direction

In January 2023, Andrés Rubio was appointed permanent President and CEO of Intrum with the assignment to strengthen and accelerate Intrum’s commercial agenda. A cost reduction program of SEK 0.8 billion was launched and achieved during the second part of the year, as part of the new strategic direction to Simplify & Focus plus Grow & Transform the company, with the objective to balance the global vs. local business model, driving bene­fits of centralisation while empowering local market teams.

“We have seen a high commercial activity throughout the year. The increased demand for our expertise is evidenced in growing assets under management and annual contract value signings reached all-time high volume”

Andrés Rubio, President and CEO of Intrum