Investment in the early stages of credit management reduced the need for debt collection

Posti produces postal and logistics services with the experience of hundreds of years, but with an innovative attitude. Reliability gained through experience combined with renewable and innovative services are the cornerstones of operations.

Posti’s co-operation with Intrum Justitia has already continued for a long time. The co-operation has developed over the years along with the changing needs of Posti. The partnership began as debt collection co-operation and has since expanded to include credit management throughout the entire lifecycle of customer relationships.

“Co-operation with Intrum Justitia has increased understanding at Posti of how the customer’s profitability and other economic factors must be examined in all phases of the customer lifecycle, and not only on bad days,” says Helena Junttila, service manager in charge of practical co-operation at Posti.

 Customer-oriented network solutions development

 Posti’s field of industry is currently going through a critical period. Traditional services are decreasing and people are switching to various web services. Posti seeks growth by using digital services and strongly directs transactions to self-service on the web. Intrum Justitia’s investment in digital solutions is also respected at Posti.

“The Intrum Web service gives our clients the possibility to keep up with their assignments and to get reports about their receivables. It is also a good way to contact us. Intrum Web is open 24/7, says Juha Iskala, Director, Sales, Marketing and Communications.

 “Developing Intrum Web, which we use daily, toward the current, user-friendly direction was a good thing. We have created solutions for many everyday issues accessed promptly on the Web, says Helena Junttila.

 Investment in the early stages of credit management reduced the need for debt collection

 Credit management co-operation between Posti and Intrum takes place daily and is continuous. The credit management of a large organisation is achieved conveniently online, in the Intrum Web service. All Posti service advisers handling customer credit management receive real-time information on both customer creditworthiness and pending debt collection matters from Intrum Web.

 The convenient web service is not, however, meant to replace contact with Intrum employees. Experts specifically familiar with Posti’s needs and customer situations are available for Posti employees at all times.

 “One of our main goals is to give superior customer service to our clients and their customers. We are always willing to help and for that we use a large variety of communication channels."