Launch of the European Payment Report 2023

The European Payment Report 2023 describes the impact late payment has on the development and growth of European enterprises. With insights from more than 10,000 executives, we explore how businesses are coping with economic disruption and how they are managing the liquidity crunch.

After yet another year of economic uncertainty, European businesses are challenged with the demands of inflation hikes, the time constraints of chasing late payments, and trying to break free from the late-payments loop.

European Payment Report 2023
The 26th edition of the report released 23 May 2023

We surveyed a total of 10,556 companies across 29 European countries to understand their payment behaviour, the financial health of their company and the economic outlook in their country of operation. 

Download the 26th edition of the report today to gain relevant key insights into the financial landscape across Europe. 

Key findings:

  1. Inflation hits revenues and growth 
  2. Businesses must learn how to break the late-payments loop 
  3. Chasing payments is costing Europe a quarter of a trillion euros a year  


Download the report

What’s inside?

You will gain access to the full pan-European Report, plus the Country Snapshots White Paper. The full pan-European Report is based on a survey conducted in 29 European countries between the end of November 2022 and March 2023.  We have created a separate white paper which provides valuable insights into payment behaviour on a national level, including insights on the payment landscape in each country.