Seamless and simple stands out as winner in Intrumhack

The second annual Intrum hackathon for financial well-being was organized together with Banco Sabadell and Mulesoft to work with teams and find innovative solutions that help consumers achieve their financial goals.

The second Intrumhack took place at the beautiful WeWork campus in Madrid on April 3-4. Together with Intrum and partners Banco Sabadell and Mulesoft, 38 hackers formed 10 teams for the two-day challenge. The teams were comprised of local startups and students with backgrounds from big data and software development to finance and design.

To help teams create their solutions, they were supported with open access to Mulesoft API’s, real data from Intrum, and ongoing mentor support from Ubiqum. With a nonstop flow of food, snacks, coffee and energy drinks, teams achieved a staggering output and presented their prototypes to a team of judges at the end of the second day.

- We run the Intrum hackathon to get outside perspective on how to further innovate and develop our business. Teams were given a clear challenge of helping our end consumer’s find easier and more personable ways to manage their financial obligations, and we couldn’t be happier with the results, said Hannah Cook, Director Group Digitalisation Program Intrum.

Winning ideas

The winning idea came from team Gremio comprised of two business students from ESADE and IE business school. Gremio's mobile wallet solution focused on simplicity, for consumers to seamlessly manage their outstanding balances. The solution can be delivered via any technical platform such as Whatsapp, SMS, or email. By clicking on a short link, users are able to add their Intrum dashboard to their mobile wallet, similar to an airline ticket. Once in the wallet, users see a clear snapshot of their account and have can make quick payments, find more information, and call customer service through one click.

For Gremio’s winning concept and innovative solution, Intrum awarded them top prize of €5,000.

- The Intrumhack was a phenomenal experience with top level teams, an amazing venue, and ongoing mentor support. From the start we were welcomed by CEO & President Mikael Ericson, which set the bar really high and the competition was tough. We are really proud of the concept we were able to create and refine during the two days and are excited for the opportunity to develop it further together with Intrum, said Arthur Felizzola from Gremio.

Next steps

Intrumhack is a platform to create innovative concepts in a short time frame, but for the top ideas, the process has further steps to secure potential future implementation. This year Intrum Spain will work closely with a couple of the teams from the hackathon to drive implementation into the day to day Intrum activities.

- Intrum is excited about the momentum that has been built with two successful hackathons for financial well-being and will continue to utilize the method as a source of external innovation. We encourage innovators around Europe to keep eyes open for where next year’s hackathon will be hosted, and to contact our team to find out how to get involved, said Louise Karlander, Head of Innovation Intrum.