Economy in Focus #3 – Downturn on the housing market

Today we publish the latest issue of Intrum’s bi-monthly Economy in Focus report, with in-depth commentary on macroeconomic trends from Senior Economist Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov. Gain insight into the current state of the housing market across Europe.

After ten years of rising house prices in a low-interest rate environment, changes to the interest rate are hitting countries with high household debt ratios – notably the Nordic countries Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Meanwhile, in Central and Eastern Europe, the pricing correction is less acute.

Economy in Focus – European housing market slows published February 2023
Economy in Focus – Downturn on the housing market published February 2023

Every other month, Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov, Senior Economist at Intrum, delivers a comprehensive analysis of ongoing macroeconomic trends, placing them in context and giving you the insights you need to understand the impact on your company and your customers.

The decade-long soaring house prices has hit a notch in the curve.
Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov

In this issue:

  • Nordic countries hit by housing price correction
  • A tale of two Europes – household debt level variations
  • Consumers struggle with increasing interest rates 


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