Economy in Focus #1 - Facing the storm

Get the latest insights from Economy in Focus - a bi-monthly dive into economic developments in Europe and beyond. Intrum's first issue of the report explores the challenges and opportunities in the current economic climate.

With worldwide events battering the economy and governments rushing to introduce measures to tackle the effects on businesses and consumers, change is happening at a rapid rate, making it hard to know what to expect.

Economy in Focus - facing the storm published September 2022
Economy in Focus - facing the storm published September 2022

Every other month, Intrum’s senior economist Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov will provide concise and comprehensive analysis of these ongoing macroeconomic trends, putting them into context and giving you the information you need to understand the impact on your business and your customers.

This could well be the most eventful and challenging chapter in current times.
Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov, Senior Economist

“The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the current energy and cost-of-living crises have resulted in widespread humanitarian and economic damage that will be tough to heal.”

Zabrodzka-Averianov adds: “Economic downfalls are always followed by pick-up and recovery, but the time of ultra-low inflation and zero-interest rate policies are behind us. We need to get used to the new normal.”

In this issue:

  • Inflationary pressures and regulatory attempts to dampen them – are measures enough?
  • Increases in energy, fuel and food prices driving inflation – why are countries experiencing differing levels?
  • Consumer confidence at an all-time low – pressure on household budgets rising.


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