European Consumer Payment Report 2024 - Pulse survey

Want to stay updated on how consumers are managing their finances? In January 2024 we asked 20,000 consumers about their household budgets and priorities of expenses.

In a positive development since the 2023 ECPR findings, some consumers clearly feel that their household finances are improving. Many do, however, remain extremely worried about how they will make ends meet.  

European Consumer Payment Report 2024 Pulse survey
European Consumer Payment Report 2024 Pulse survey

Key findings:

  • 3 in 4 Europeans are confident about their ability to pay their bills each month, with Dutch and Spanish consumers being the most confident about meeting their financial commitments. 
  • The data suggests women are more likely to face financial distress as the financial gender gap persists 
  • Europeans are deprioritizing their physical health due to a lack of money, such as purchasing cheap unhealthy food and cutting gym memberships, which adds pressure from the financial impact on mental health. 

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About the 2024 pulse survey

The pulse report was released on 4 March. The survey was conducted between 2 and 25 January 2024 and serves as a follow up to the full European Consumer Payment Report published in November 2023. The term ‘pulse’ implies capturing a quick snapshot or pulse of consumer sentiment at a particular moment in time.