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European Consumer Payment Report 2023

Discover the latest trends and challenges facing European consumers in the 2023 report. Understand how real people are managing their finances in the face of economic, geopolitical, and societal challenges.

Gain valuable insights into European consumer spending habits

Every year, Intrum surveys more than 20,000 consumers across Europe to gain insights into their spending patterns and how they handle their finances on a monthly basis. Recently, consumers have faced various challenges, including the geopolitical instability, increasing interest rates, and a cost of living crisis. What should consumer-facing businesses be aware of going into 2024?

European Consumer Payment Report 2023
European Consumer Payment Report 2023

ECPR 2023 key findings:

  1. The economy continues to take its toll on household finances; people have less spending money than before and 1 in 4 is overspending each month.

  2. Northern Europe ranks on top in missing payments on time; a shift from 2022.
  3. Shift in social norms: Many believe it is acceptable to skip bill payments. 

This year's full report was released on 16 November.

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ECPR 2023 Executive Summary

This year, 35% of consumers said they have been forced to skip at least one bill payment in the last 12 months, 43% of them due to lack of money. Meanwhile, more than a third of respondents said they have less than one month’s savings to fall back on. Hear key report highlights from Intrum Senior Economist, Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov.