European Payment Report 2019

European Payment Report 2019

Most European countries have seen a period of economic growth, but clouds are appearing on the horizon. Companies all over Europe report signs of recession. Bad debt losses are increasing and companies are reporting longer average payment times, despite increasingly stricter payment terms. The ability to predict cash flow is key to all businesses, as financial stability is the foundation for growth. For companies this means it is more important than ever to choose the right customers.

About the Report

The European Payment Report is based on a annual survey conducted simultaneously in 29 European countries between 31st of January to 5th of April. In this report we have gathered data from almost 12,000 of companies across Europe to gain insight into the payment behavior and financial health of European businesses.

Key findings for 2019:

Half of European businesses believe their country will be cashless within ten years

The days of bank notes and coins are numbered, according to many businesses around Europe. 48% of the 11,856 surveyed businesses say their country will be cashless within ten years. While the other part, 52%, say it will happen later or never.

New signs of economic down-turn - 3 out of 10 companies accelerate sales to meet economic down-turn

Companies around the European continent report negative signs related to payments and debts, such as increased bad debt losses, later B2B payments and higher debt risks ahead.

Awarness of EU Late Payment Directive still fairly low

For several years the European Payment Report has examined the impact of the EU Late Payment Directive. Awareness of the directive is still fairly low, as only 29 per cent of European businesses are familiar with it, up slightly from 28 per cent in 2018.