Nordic Debt Collection Analysis 2018

Nordic Debt Collection Analysis 2018

In our new Nordic debt collection analysis we focus on giving an economic view of the Nordic countries, seen from the debt collection perspective. The analysis is mainly based on Intrum’s vast debt collection data analysed in a macroeconomic context.

Key findings

Strong economic development and low interest rates have resulted in a high credit demand among Nordic consumers during recent years. Our data shows growth in the number of debt collection cases in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The results, gathered from Intrum’s debt collection data from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, show:

  • A growth of debt collection cases between Q2 2017 and Q2 2018 of 35 % in Norway, 33% in Sweden and 3 % in Finland.
  • Denmark stand out from the growth with the number of debt collection cases decreasing with 9 %, and a decrease in average principal amount with almost 50% during the period.
  • Increased credit behaviors among persons over 60 years of age in both Sweden and Norway. The number of collection cases among debtors older than 60 years have grown with 50 percent in Sweden, and with 40 per cent in Norway.
Interest rates are about to rise in the Nordic region and we expect this to affect people’s ability to pay their bills. Although we expect to see an increase in debt collection cases, the situation varies across the Nordic region.
Anette Willumsen, Managing Director – North European Region