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Intrum publishes several reports with insights on late payments on an annual basis. All previously published publications are stored in the archive.

European Payment Report

The European Payment Report (EPR) describes the impact late payment has on the development and growth among European enterprises.

European Consumer Payment Report

The European Consumer Payment Report (ECPR) provides insights to European consumers' views on their economic outlook and ability to manage household finances.

Economy in Focus

The Economy in Focus report aims to provide brief, concise, and comprehensive coverage of ongoing macroeconomic trends and features expert commentary from Senior Economist Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov.

Nordic Debt Collection Analysis

In the Nordic Debt Collection Analysis, we provide an economic view of the Nordic countries, seen from the debt collection perspective. The analysis is mainly based on Intrum’s vast debt collection data from the region, analysed in a macroeconomic context.

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